We live in an increasingly pictorial world. Plain text is simply not covering as much advertising grounds as it used to. With the acceleration of visual content through mobile phones, social media and online video platforms, videos have a higher chance of getting across to the world now than they did before the dawn of advanced technology. If you own a business, then you’d probably want to get in on this amazing trend plenty of corporations are now practicing.

Two words: Corporate Videos.

Corporate videos are viewed for a wide demographic of viewers, ranging from company staff, investors, clients and customers and so many more. These videos convey your company values, your strengths, your stories and your success. Videos are and have become an integral part of all marketing strategies and if you want to take the lead, it’s time to jump into this bandwagon.

Here at Buzzworks, we want you to optimize your business platform and ensure it’s reaching its highest potential. We specialize in a variety of video productions and want to help you take the next step in attaining success with corporate video productions. Here are five reasons why you need corporate videos in your marketing strategy.

1) Show and Tell

Let’s face it, too many words can get boring. Your audience might zone out halfway before they even get to reading about your product or your brand. With corporate videos, you have the power to select exactly what it is you want your audience to know about you, your brand, your values and your work.

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Corporate videos provide interesting and useful information. Viewers are more likely to engage with a product or a brand that stimulates them visually. Depending on your brand, you can opt to stir emotion or simply state basic facts and figures in your video. Corporate videos are the perfect way to explain the benefits of your products and brand. It’s also a great way to sell your product.

2) Clients Remember You

This is highly related to the above point. Clients and customers have eagle eyes that pick and choose what they want to see. For example, investors are more likely to remember and trust you if you provide them with facts, figures and results which are straight to the point. Staff and audiences are more likely to remember what they see in a video and recall what they felt when they watched the video.

5 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Videos In Your Marketing Strategy rememberCorporate videos build trust and confidence. Promoting your product in the form of a corporate video can build and earn your clients trust. This is mostly because clients want to see the brand and product in action. Investing in corporate videos will also earn you customer loyalty, retain old customers and get new ones.

3) Improves Search Engine Performance

Did you know that companies with videos embedded on their websites are 53 times more likely to show up first in Google’s search engine? Forrester, an international research company reported that video content has now become significant in search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategies for Google, Yahoo and Bing. More and more companies are opting to create corporate videos for their websites and company.

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If you don’t have a website to post your awesome content it, don’t fret. We still have online video platforms like Youtube. Now that Google owns Youtube, you’ll be able to track a significant increase in how much videos affect your search engine rank. Doesn’t this sound like a great time to start investing in corporate video productions?

4) Easy to Share

Social network sites are flooded with content. Content distribution platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo have now become the best channel for anything and everything to go viral. Virality may not always be good, but companies can take advantage of the opportunity to market their brand and products on social media due to its high-user statistics. As of 2018’s second quarter, there’s almost 2.23 billion active users on Facebook.

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Social media also can now be linked to other platform accounts too. Users have the power to share one post on multiple social network accounts, all for the sake of convenience. Videos are easy to consume. If you opt to make your corporate video fun and interesting, then you’re most definitely going to catch the attention of social media users. You’ll be able to track and narrow down your ROIs based on the number of likes and shares your video gets, or track your website’s user traffic and visits.

5) Effective and Reaches A Wider Audience

The best part about adding corporate videos into your marketing strategy is how well videos captures a wide array of audiences. Corporate videos target almost every demographic and gets your message across effectively.

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Whether it’s in an animated or live video format, corporate videos can successfully deliver the brand and product, convince clients and customers to take action and even increase sales opportunities. The best part about it is that there’s no one rule to follow. Corporate videos are fun and a simple way to market your brand, your products and your company and gives you more mileage for your videos. Corporate videos brings your marketing to life.

Don’t know where to start? Check this out! Drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll help solve your corporate video problems once and for all. If you like this post or found it useful, hit the Like, Follow and Share buttons.


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