Videos are an essential marketing channel for anyone with a business. However, not everyone is using this channel to its full potential. Keep reading to find out what makes a video worth watching and how to keep your viewers engaged. We’re sharing the secret recipe to produce compelling, inspiring and actionable videos for your marketing campaigns.

1. Focus on stories. 

Sales-driven videos that purely focus on the product will bring you short term success but a value and purpose filled video will capture and retain your viewers and customers. The best videos tell a story, because stories help others relate better to you, to your brand and your product. 

What makes a good video for your marketing campaign? tenor

2. Be interesting. 

When making a video, steer clear of plain and boring approaches. Use humour, provoke curiosity, and include plot twists. Your viewers will not only be compelled to watch the video until the end – they’ll remember it too! Don’t forget that a cohesive flow to your video also helps your viewer understand the message better. 

3. Hook, Line and Sinker! 

The most crucial part of any video begins when the video opens. The best time to have your message delivered across to your viewers is within the first 5 seconds. Any later than that will result will lessen your video’s effectiveness. 

4. Call to Action

Most CTAs appear towards the end of the video, but don’t draw the line there. You can throw in a CTA tagline somewhere in the middle of the video too. Many marketers have experienced success with their marketing campaigns by inserting a subtle CTA in the middle of their video while the viewer is still engaged with their content.

We hope these tips will help you as you plan and create powerful video content for your brand. 

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