Build one-on-one relationships with every customer and make them feel special with personalized videos.

Personalized Videos: The Next Big Thing

Personalized videos are an incredible new way of connecting with customers on a one-to-one level. They allow you to address each viewer individually by name, and include information that’s relevant to only them. Imagine receiving a video and discovering that the content has been tailored specifically for you. Not only will this get your attention, you will also be more likely to remain engaged throughout the video. The result? Higher conversion rates and improved customer loyalty. Buzzworks is the first and only agency in Malaysia to offer personalized video production services.

Top 3 Reasons Why Personalized Videos Are So Effective

1) The power of addressing people by name

“Remember that a person’s name, is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie.

We don’t think much about our name, it’s always there. But have you thought of how much power it holds over you?

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Brain Research states that when a person is addressed by their first name, they experience a unique reaction in the brain. Our brain registers that someone wants our attention or someone is focusing their attention on us.

When you say a person’s name, even if they aren’t listening or if they’re involved in another conversation, they will drop their current conversation and turn towards you.

By including a person’s name throughout the video, you are able to make him or her feel special, and retain his or her attention.

2) Higher ROI

Videos in general are known to generate the best return on investment in the marketing industry. A study by Demand Metric shows that videos have better conversion rates compared to any other forms of content.

Personalized videos are even more effective than regular videos. Hubspot shows that personalized web experiences contribute to an average of 19% increase in sales, and marketers who use personalization notice a better ROI. Forrester reports that personalized videos can multiply engagement rates by up to 10 times that of regular videos.

3) One Size No Longer Fits All

There’s no denying that we are now living in a fast-paced world where people only stop for things that are relevant to them. Blasting out generic emails and marketing messages no longer work as effectively as it once did in the past. You want customers to stop and pay attention to your message instead of scrolling over to the next one.

That’s only going to happen if the content is relevant to them. One size does not fit all. Customers are not interested in content that does not concern them; they want content that’s focused on their needs. Hubspot states that around 74% of customers get annoyed with a site when the content doesn’t fit their preference.

Including personalized videos in your marketing campaigns will most definitely improve audience engagement and get your messages across in a more effective way. A research group in Aberdeen found that personalizing emails could increase click through rates by 14%. And according to Forrester, adding a video to your email can boost click through rates by 200% to 300%. Now imagine the results you’ll get if that video was a personalized video.

So, you’ve decided that you want a personalized video. What next?

Getting Started…

Here at Buzzworks, the first and only personalized video production company in Malaysia, we give you the liberty of choosing the kind of video that you want for your company.

  1. We provide top-notch motion graphics + animation services for a creative, fun, and engaging personalized video.
  1. If you’re looking for live-action cinematography to provide that human touch, our awesome film + video production team will help you write, plan, shoot and edit the perfect personalized video for your marketing campaign.
  1. Want the best of both worlds? Your wish is our command. We are able to use a combination of live-action cinematography plus motion graphics + animation to deliver the ultimate personalized video.

Need a little more convincing? Take a look at some of our work here. Or brief us on your project now by clicking here.