6 Ways Animated Videos Increases Your Sales

Animated videos are a dynamic way to seize your audience’s attention. It can be used ingeniously in a professional, informative style, or in an emotional or humorous approach, enough to create an impact on your potential customer. Here are some ways how businesses can use the power of animated videos to increase marketing and sales.

#Explainer Animated Video

Explainer videos are an innovative part of visual communication that keeps your brand at the center and educates them about your product in an interesting way.

#Storytelling Video

Everybody loves stories because they’re capable of excitingly portraying pictures with flashy and compelling characters that entertain us. Make your storytelling video more impactful by relating your product to the audience and sparking the emotional side in your customer’s mind. Remember to use the 5Cs:
Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversions and Conflict.
Keep your readers engaged and don’t go off track with your message.

#Infographics Video

The present generation has seen a massive shift in consuming information. Before, information was perceived through reading, but now, everyone depends on visuals. You can implement video infographics in your business to make an impact.

#Tutorial Video

Animated videos can also be used for training and tutorial purposes. Training videos in animated form are highly effective as they present a clearer look, provide better information and instruction, and fosters deeper understanding.

#Product Demo Video

Product demo videos explain the product as a whole: from invention details to how it benefits its users. It helps provide practical usage information for your customers, anddemonstrates how to be used. If you’d like to keep it light and entertaining, you can add a situation that the users will find they relate with before showcasing how the product helped them.

#Landing Page Video

 Animation videos can also be used on your homepage, website or blog’s landing pages. It functions as the main attraction that summarizes your whole website or product, causing them to be curious for more – hence leading in more conversions.
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