Kuala Lumpur- [25/4/2017]- Buzzworks is the first video production company in Malaysia to create personalized videos for brands that are looking to connect with customers on a more personal level.

“We created our first ever personalized video for global insurance company, AXA Insurance. AXA wanted a personalized video to thank each and every health insurance customer for choosing them,” said Thrishen Lingam, CEO of Buzzworks.

“The goal was to make customers feel special and appreciated, showing them content that’s relevant to only them. Not only did the videos address each customer by name, they also included the respective insurance policy information, medical coverage and policy benefits of that customer.”

Personalization drives results. According to a recent study by Forbes of 380 CMOs, marketers that deliver personalized experiences are getting double digit returns in marketing performance and response.

“We plan to continue producing outstanding personalized videos to brands all around the world. Hopefully our work with AXA inspires more companies in Malaysia to invest in personalized videos,” he added.

While personalized content has yet to gain popularity in Malaysia, they have been proven to be an effective marketing tool internationally. When Coca-Cola and Nutella provided customers with the chance to personalize their Coca-Cola cans and Nutella jars by adding their names onto it, sales sky rocketed.

There is something inherently exciting about finding your name on a product or in a video – it’s that special feeling that something was made specifically for you.