Let’s be honest here: how you market your brand, company or product affects how consumers see you. In this day and age, corporate videos are powerful tools utilized across multiple media platforms which skyrockets brand awareness.

But what is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the degree of consumer awareness of a brand and its related products. It’s essential in every marketing and sales strategy. It helps consumers identify and differentiate where exactly your brand stands in the market. For example, if your company sells dishwashing products, you’d want to make sure consumers choose you over products X, Y and Z. Your solution lies in corporate videos. 

Corporate videos aid in defining the uniqueness and character of brands and companies, steering the brand to forge strong positive associations with consumers, hence widening the spectrum of brand awareness.

Keep reading to find out how.

1) Increase Customer Engagement

There are two elements to customer engagements: One, is that customers engage with other customers using your product, and two is customers engage with you. Corporate videos help you achieve all that in one go.

For example, corporate videos aren’t only about brand and product summaries. Corporate videos can also feature tutorials and demos. Demonstrating a product in a video can add considerable value, particularly for people who don’t enjoy reading long-winded and complicated instructions from websites.

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The more helpful the video is to the audience, the higher the chance of the audience becoming a faithful consumer and customer of the brand, product and service. With the right type of engagement with consumers, your well-thought, strategic corporate video will convince and persuade consumers to always choose the brand without any doubt or concerns. This in turn leads customers to communicate with the people around them, hence growing your awareness and ensuring your presence in the market is cemented.

2) Multi-channel Presence

A research that took place in 2017 found that internet users spent approximately 135 minutes daily on social media sites. This indirectly resulted in a large surge of fresh start-ups, businesses and media influencer reels all over social media.

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Companies have now begun to trust the platform that multi social media channels provide and have begun to generate higher brand awareness here than on any other platform. Consumers have the freedom to discuss and rate products, goods and services of interests openly and freely, giving companies the privilege to listen, strategize and improve the quality of their brand.

Social media is a massive driver for customer engagement. With new and improved online site algorithms, the more hits, likes, views, shares and comments your video garners, the higher the chances of it being spread globally and across other channels too. The world wide web offers a world without borders, making it easier for you to display your services and goods to a larger market of consumers.

3) Increase Search Engine Visibility

 With search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, information can be delivered to consumers in a matter of mere seconds. The information can be presented in various result forms, such as external web pages and links, images, videos and other file type.

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By investing in a corporate video and adding it to your company website, you will be able to reach larger amounts of online users and potential customers. This is because videos have a higher tendency of showing up on search engine pages, especially if you optimize it for search engine visibility.

In a nutshell, corporate videos benefit company’s by stimulating consumer interest and promoting the brand strategically. As consumers view and interact with social media posts and updates, brand awareness will increase. Investing in a corporate video will help you up your sales, prep your marketing strategy for success, increase brand awareness and expand your consumer and fan base. 

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