Why You Need to Focus on Video Marketing in 2020

All brands require a video marketing strategy. Videos have become essential on every platform and channel, forcing us to include it in our overall marketing plan. Not only is it important to your outreach and campaign efforts, it greatly impacts your social strategy.
Video is used for more than just entertainment. Landing page videos are capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%. Mentioning “video” in your email subjects increase open rates by 19%. If that isn’t all, 90% of customers say videos helped them
make buying decisions!

1) Reach and Access

When people watch moving or animated visuals, they receive an assurance from your brand as opposed to merely images and plain text content. Those attracted to your video content are also more like to share it with their peers. It’s an effortless way to reach many viewers (and potential customers)!

2) Business Personified

The right video marketing campaign adds a dash of “human touch” to any enterprise, enabling businesses to obtain high converting leads. Learning and putting these tips into practice when carrying out your video marketing campaign will definitely help you succeed.

3) Drive Targeted Traffic

Video marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. It helps build relationships with people, establishes your business as a niche market authority and represents itself to potential customers. In conclusion, videos drive results. Video marketing helps make lasting impressions and encourages your viewers to make buying decisions.
Make a smart move now by choosing a trusted video production company to catapult your business in 2020. Buzzworks is always ready to help you create engaging and impactful video marketing.