Animated videos have the dynamism to seize customer attention, and can be used ingeniously in any tone to create an everlasting impact on the customer. Here are 6 types of animatedvideos that businesses can use to improve their marketing and increase their sales.
Explainer Animated Video
Explainer videos are short animated videos that explain a business idea, product, service orprocess in an interesting and engaging manner.
Storytelling Video
Audiences love a good story.Storiesportray compelling characters and relatable plots that notonly entertain us, but give us something to reflect upon. To make a video that leaves a lasting impression, relate your product to the audience and stir their emotions and senses. Use the 5Cs in your plot and story:
– Circumstance
– Characters
– Curiosity
– Conflict
– Conversions
The present generation has seen a shift fromreading words to perceiving visuals. Implementing infographics into your videos help audiences remember and understand your video and purpose better. This is because visual info and icons have a better way of registering themselves in youraudiences’ mind.
Tutorial Video
Animated videos can also be used as an effective measure for training and tutorial purposes.Tutorial videos help the audience have a clearer picture of how to utilize a product or service, ispractical and engaging!
Product Demo Video
Product demo videos consists of clear, concise and important information that explains the necessity of the product, its invention and benefits. These videos assist in convincing your audience to use your product and walks them through stages of its practical usage via demonstration.
Landing Page Video
Animation videos can also be used in landing pages and website homepages.Your landing page video acts as the main star attraction for your website, and the content consists of a summary of your product or service. Ready to produce animated videos that’ll help launch your business a step higher? Buzzworks is here to help. Get in touch with us below